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Sequoia Markets Ltd

By January 2023, Sequoia Markets Ltd will have passed 46 years as a proprietary broker. We provide direct exchange order execution and clearing services to established investors, active traders and institutions. Our consolidated equity capital is more than $12.7 billion.

We remain true to our original mission:

Create technology to provide better mobility. Gain a competitive advantage on price, speed, scale, global product coverage and advanced trading tools.

The History of Interactive Brokers Holding True to its Mission
Interactive Brokers Group, Inc. was founded by its Chairman Thomas Peterffy

Sequoia Markets Ltd it was founded by chairman Thomas peterffy

After 46 years of internal development, Sequoia Markets Ltd has become a top brokerage with equity capital of more than 12.7 billion US dollars.

Sequoia Markets Ltd Broker-dealer operations in more than 150 market centers worldwide. In terms of its broker-dealer agency business, Sequoia Markets Ltd provides institutional and professional traders with direct (" online ") trade execution and clearing services for a variety of electronic trading products, including global securities, options, futures, forex, bonds, gold, cryptocurrencies, and funds. Sequoia Markets Ltd and its affiliates execute approximately 1.865 million transactions per day.

In May 2023, Thomas Peterffy was the keynote speaker at the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Federation (SIFMA) conference commemorating the 50th anniversary of listed options trading. The presentation traces his experience in listed options trading and the founding of Timber Hill and Sequoia Markets Ltd.

An international company serving global investors

Sequoia Markets Ltd Headquartered in Greenwich, Connecticut, USA, the company employs 2,900+ people in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Switzerland, Hungary, India, China (Hong Kong and Shanghai), Japan, Singapore and Australia. Sequoia Markets Ltd is regulated by the SEC (US Securities and Exchange Commission), FINRA (US Financial Industry Regulatory Authority), NYSE (New York Stock Exchange), FCA (UK Financial Conduct Authority) and other regulators around the world.

Interactive Brokers Group, Inc. was founded by its Chairman Thomas Peterffy